Friday thoughts

Happy Friday, everyone!

Spring semester is in full swing and it’s been a long, stressful week. I’ve been looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I’m planning on getting plenty of zzz’s, going to weekend warrior both Saturday and Sunday, cooking, having brunch with friends, going to the spa for a much needed facial and getting ahead on assignments and studying for the upcoming week.  After such a hectic week, my thoughts are all over the place. So, I thought I’d share a few random things that I’ve been thinking about, like my favorite breakfast recipes, most of which I make on the weekend in bulk and have on-hand to eat throughout the week.

This superfood quinoa breakfast bowl is always my go-to. I love it because it’s a creamy, coconut quinoa base and I can add any toppings I’m feeling that day. It always ends up being some crazy combination of coconut flakes, honey, goji berries, chia seeds, bee pollen, berries and sometimes chocolate chips – yum!


This is my favorite baked oatmeal recipe. I found it on Pinterest forever ago and I make it at least twice a month. I always sub coconut milk, though, because can’t you tell? I’m coconut obsessed over here.

9443698129_c33183150c_b 9446483272_15b2a0679e_b

I’ve also got some extra apples to use up, and I’m thinking about baking this gluten-free apple crisp. If I nix the ice-cream it could be considered breakfast, right?


Also, as I look forward to de-stressing in yoga this weekend, I remembered a clip that a friend shared with me this week. This video from lululemon’s blog could not be more accurate, especially the bit about post-yoga hair.

I work and spin at Beyond Pedaling, a boutique spinning studio here in Dallas. This week during one of the classes I was attending, an awesome remix of Kanye West’s song Bound 2 was on the playlist. I’m adding this Solidisco remix to my running mix stat.

Something I’ve been coveting:

Since I’ve returned from Australia this past winter break, I have not been able to shake the beach-y, summer vibe. So, lately I’ve been gravitating toward art and decor like this cute porcelain elephant tray from Calypso. And how fun is this Emilio Pucci bag? #inspired by those Aussie waves.

Lastly, Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. Send everyone you love some x’s and o’s.


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