City Surf Fitness

City Surf Studio

This week I tried a new fitness class at a studio called City Surf Fitness. The studio’s workouts take place on moving surfboards, and all the classes are inspired by the act of surfing. For my first time, I attended the Buddha Board class: a yoga inspired workout. The studio is fairly small, holding only ten boards, but the creative decor successfully creates a serene, ocean-like atmosphere hundreds of miles from the nearest coast. All of the surfboards face a wall with the video of wave-scenes, surfers and sunsets being projected throughout class. The instructor faced every student, with their board surrounded by tiny candles. The lights were dim and the music was soft and relaxing. The other studio walls are covered in chalkboard paint with inspirational phrases, drawings and class information.

I loved the interior design and they sold some great products like Vim & Vigor cold-pressed juices, which makes my favorite almond milk, but I didn’t enjoy the class as much I thought I would. I felt like the surf board was too unstable and short in length for me to flow through the poses and hold them gracefully. The transitions were too choppy, and half the time I was nervous about the board falling too far to one side or the other. I felt like half the class I was focused on my frustration instead of my practice. I never fell, but many of the other participants did. A girl directly behind me seemed annoyed. Her surfboard had flopped to one side, and she had trouble keeping her balance on the board. For a long period of the class she either sat on top of the board or took a break in child’s pose. I stuck out the whole class, but this was one of the few instances where I kept eyeing the clock because I could not wait for it to be over. I just didn’t enjoy it. The instructor had quite a few friends in the class, people who I’m sure come often, so others seem to like it. I think City Surf Fitness is a great concept, but it just wasn’t for me.

I don’t want to nix the studio after only try though, so I’ll try one of their other classes soon. City Surf Fitness also offers classes called “City Surf,” which emphasizes surfing movements and routines, “Beach Body Bootcamp,” which includes interval and strength training, and “Big Kahuna,” which strengthens and tones muscles through resistance band training.

I’m very fitness and health oriented and I enjoy trying new studios and restaurants here in Dallas. My intentions for this blog are to try one or two new places a week and write about my experiences here. I won’t limit my posts to just Dallas, though, because I travel often. I’m also studying abroad in Sydney, Australia this coming fall and I’d like to continue to blog about my experiences there too.

Click here for the link to their website. Try a class! The studio’s introductory offer is $10 for one week of unlimited classes.


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